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Sunshine Seeker travel blog features detailed travel guides, reviews, inspiration, quality photography and recipes from around the world. My passion and the purpose of this blog is to inspire and teach people how to follow their dreams and travel more. Learn more about me here!

Even though the blog has only been around since January 2016, I already have a loyal group of followers that trust my opinion. I get emails and comments every day with questions about everything from hotel recommendations to the clothes I wear to my photo equipment and editing software.

I have been featured in magazines like Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine and in favorite blogger round-ups like this one. I have also taken over Instagram accounts like Canadian Traveller Magazine, where I delivered these photos.Sunshine Seeker Travel Blog - Social Media Takeover

At the moment Sunshine Seeker gets 21000+ page views and 12000+ unique visitors from over 100 different countries each month. Most of my readers are girls and women between the ages of 18 and 35, based in the US (40%), UK (15%), Germany, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. My most popular article so far is this detailed Ubud guide.

On social media, I have a total of 25k+ followers, growing by several hundred every day. You should check out my Instagram here!

Reviews do especially well on! This Nusa Lembongan restaurant guide where I talk about 10 different restaurants, is one of my all-time most popular posts. So if you have a hotel, product or restaurant you want more people to know about, get in touch!

In addition to being a travel blogger, I also have degrees in marketing and graphic design, which means I know how to sell a product or a destination!

So do you think we would be a great match? Do you have a question? Or do you want to contribute to Feel free to send me an email at

Services I offer:
  • Reviews (hotel, restaurant, product, tours, etc.)
  • Social Media Takeovers
  • Content Creation
  • Sponsored posts / Collaborations
  • Banner ads
  • Event Coverage
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Graphic design work (logos, pins, media kits etc.)

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