Pinteresting Strategies Review – How I finally grew my blog traffic

1. November 2018

Pinteresting Strategies Review - The best value Pinterest course out there. Here are my results #pinterest #trafficgrowth #pinterestcourse

Whether you’ve just started blogging or have been at it for years, it’s likely you’ve been through the struggle of generating traffic to your blog. Blogging truly is a roller-coaster ride of twists, turns and moments of pure frustration. Have you ever felt like it’s all just a bit too much? Like you are doing everything you’re supposed to but you can’t seem to grow your blog?

I know I have! You keep hearing from top bloggers how much income they are earning from their blog, but no matter how hard you try, nothing really works.

Up until last week, my blog and Pinterest views had been stagnant for over a year. Whenever I published a new post and it did well it never increased my traffic it just took over for another post that used to be popular. And I’m sure you have experienced something along the same lines!


How I finally grew my blog after one year of stagnant traffic

I purchased Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell hoping to up my Pinterest game and finally increase traffic to my blog.

As I debated whether I should spend my hard earned money on this course or not, I searched for reviews online from other bloggers. I found them really helpful so that’s why I decided to offer you my honest opinion and show you my results as well.

If you’re just starting out as a blogger, chances are you’re overwhelmed with everything you should purchase and all the subscriptions you’re told you need. Some investments are really worth the money, and unfortunately, some are just a waste of money and time.

I have to admit that I have invested in 3 Pinterest courses prior to this and while I learned a thing or two from all of them I do not think they were worth the price. That’s why I have not become an affiliate for any of them. And yes, I know all bloggers say they never promote things they don’t believe in, but I truly don’t. Unless I’m 100% sure it’s worth it I won’t even mention it!

I hope that this Pinteresting Strategies review will help you make a decision on wheter or not this course is right for you.

Pinteresting Strategies Review - The best value Pinterest course out there. Here are my results #pinterest #trafficgrowth #pinterestcourse

Manual Pinning

What makes Pinteresting Strategies different from all the other courses I’ve purchased is Carly’s focus on manual pinning. And the fact that she studies and double checks everything, she didn’t just get lucky.

She says that manual pinning drives much more traffic to her website than using an automatic scheduler. All her raving reviews attest to the same and I can too. I’ve used BoardBooster and then Tailwind for the last year because everyone said that’ what you should do but I haven’t seen any difference in Pinterest views or click through to my blog.

Carly got 200,000 page views to her 7-month-old blog, and most of that traffic was a result of manual pinning. For new bloggers, this is great because we all try to keep our expenses low and avoid any unnecessary subscriptions. Right?


What does the course include?

Instead of me listing all the modules (There are a lot. Carly’s course is more detailed than any other Pinterest resource I’ve ever seen. Which I love!), here are some screenshots from the course:

Pinteresting Strategies Review - The best value Pinterest course out there. Here are my results #pinterest #trafficgrowth #pinterestcourse


What you can learn from this course

As you can see above you’ll learn everything you need to set up and run a successful Pinterest account. The most important advice is related to Pinterest SEO and how to implement it in your profile and board descriptions. Carly also talks about what makes pins go viral and gives examples of good and bad pins. There are so many things to consider when creating pins, and she goes through everything in detail. Carly also explains why she believes manual pinning is important and why she based her strategy on it.


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Who can benefit from this course?

Pinterest is one of the best ways to generate traffic for a new blog. I wish I had created a Pinterest account even before I started blogging because Pinterest really can explode your traffic. So for those of you just starting out, this course is a must.

However, if you have been blogging for a while you’re probably wondering if the course can teach you something you don’t already know. And the answer is yes! I have been blogging for two years now and been an avid Pinterest user for almost as long. I felt like I had it down and understood everything I needed to in order to be successful. But for some reason, I just couldn’t grow those numbers.

While I was working my way through the course I had more than one aha moment where things suddenly made so much more sense. And I realized that I just needed to adjust my pinning strategy a bit to see a big difference in my numbers.

Now, as Carly would say, it’s impossible to guarantee that this strategy will work for everyone for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Pinterest has an ever-changing algorithm which means that we have to adjust our strategies accordingly. This requires a daily commitment. Carly spends anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour on Pinterest every day. I have spent 45 minutes every day over the last two weeks. I pin in the morning while I have breakfast, during the day whenever I have time (like on the toilet 🙈 and on the bus) and then in the evening before I go to bed.

It’s important to remember this strategy will NOT transform Pinterest pins and impressions into clicks to your blog. YOU need to put in the work, creating eye-catching pins and pin them regularly.


Why I recommend it

As mentioned I have invested in way too many ebooks and courses over the years, but this course is the resource that finally helped me reach almost 500,000 monthly views on Pinterest.

Here are some of the reasons why I love this course:

  • It goes in-depth. Carly literally shows you step-by-step how to set up an account, how to create pins, how to master Pinterest SEO aaaand she even reveals her own pinning strategy.
  • Carly makes some great points I haven’t seen talked about anywhere else.
  • You don’t need to invest any money in a scheduler to be successful with this strategy.
  • Now that the ebook has been turned into a course it will be updated more regularly.
  • It helped me finally “crack the Pinterest code”.

My results

Below I have included some screenshots of my Pinterest and Google analytics. As you can see, after I started implementing the strategies from the course on October 13th, my Pinterest views per day have now tripled. And in turn, my pageviews have finally started to grow which means a small but long overdue increase in ad and affiliate income. Yaaay!

Pinteresting Strategies Review - The best value Pinterest course out there. Here are my results #pinterest #trafficgrowth #pinterestcourse

Pinteresting Strategies Review - The best value Pinterest course out there. Here are my results #pinterest #trafficgrowth #pinterestcourse

I got 500 unique visitors more from Pinterest this week!! Okay, I know it’s only been two weeks and that the numbers aren’t crazy, but it’s such a relief to finally see some results after one year of feeling stuck. So I can’t really contain my excitement 🎉 And I can’t wait to see where this will take me!


If there’s one social media course you should invest in, it’s this one!

Pinteresting Strategies Review - The best value Pinterest course out there. Here are my results #pinterest #trafficgrowth #pinterestcourse


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