The “Island Light” Lightroom presets are finally here!

2. March 2018

The "Island Light" preset pack - Perfect for travel & outdoor photos


The Lightroom presets I’ve been working on over the past year are finally for sale. Yeeeeey! A lot of you have messaged me wanting to buy my presets, so to you, I’m very sorry for the delay. But I promise they are worth the wait 😉

I created the “Island Light” preset pack with tropical island life in mind, but I have used them for all my travel and landscape photos lately. These 11 presets work especially well on outdoor photos with lots of light, blues, greens and oranges. They are the only presets I use when editing photos for my blog and Instagram!

I would describe my editing style as colorful, light and bright with a retro touch. When creating these presets I took a lot of inspiration from analog photography and polaroids but then gave them a modern and vibrant twist. I’m all about sunshine and good vibes so that’s what I try to capture with my photography and editing.

If you’re new to Lightroom, click here to see how I edit my photos using these presets!




Let’s take a closer look at the presets:

Balmy Blue

I created this preset for desert destinations but it also works great with beach photos. It cools down greens and warms up yellow, blue and oranges.

The The



Faded Pastel

This preset is one of my favorites. The desaturated colors make it great to use when you want to tone down a photo while still giving it a bit more contrast.

The The




This one is inspired by vintage film, with darker shadows for a more moody look. It has a bit of grain so remember to remove that if you want a clean result.

The The




Most of my presets enhance warm tones but this one has a green hue which tones down warm photos with a lot of browns and oranges like you see below.

The The



Morning Haze

Vintage inspired matte cool tones, desaturated greens. Use this one if you want the colors red, orange and turquoise to pop. You might want to adjust the clarity up a bit if your photo is very flat.

The The



Ocean Gold

My go-to preset which brightens and enhances blues, greens and oranges. If your photo is already colorful you might want to adjust the individual colors down a bit, especially the green and blue. This is really an all-around preset, but it works especially well with beach/tropical photos. Remember to remove the grain if you want a cleaner look.

The The



Retro Cool

When creating this I took inspiration from old polaroids but made it brighter. It has a blue hew and very little shadows.

The The



Soft Sand

Warm, soft tones with little contrast. It works great with already bright photos.

The The




Orange hue that will warm up any photo and give it more contrast.

The The



Tropical NEW!!!

Another one of my go-to presets for photos with strong light. Warm hues and desaturated greens create that look which is so popular on Instagram these days.

Tanjung Aan the best beach in Lombok - Before/after Lightroom presetsTanjung Aan the best beach in Lombok - Before/after Lightroom presets



Warm Vintage

This one is also inspired by old polaroids but with a pop of color to make photos more eye-catching.

The The




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  • Reply Mike Moloney 4. March 2018 at 02:13

    These presets are beautiful. Nice work Charlotte!

  • Reply john 14. October 2018 at 15:20

    Hi. Is the preset available for mobile version without lr subscription? And can i download the preset directly to my phone or do i still need a pc/desktop to transfer the preset to my phone?

    • Reply Charlotte 15. October 2018 at 23:23

      Hi John 🙂 The preset is unfortunately only available for desktop at the moment!

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